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  • Announcement

    After many years of coin only meters in Darwin, Council has added value to the LGA by adding credit card to its meters. Spokesman for Council Mr Jim Hatzivalsamis says credit card will make life easier for the motorist when paying by card for longer periods of time. APARC will install the new credit card readers that are fully EMV COMPLIANT, including contactless( Tap & Go) as per the scheme rules within the next couple of months.

  • News Story

    Burwood Council

    Council has decided to extend their fleet of On Street Parkeon equipment, and also explored the world of in ground flush mounted sensors. Since the successful trial of sensors, Council has been impressed with the data capture it receives from the sensor back office regarding occupancy, turnover of spaces, and overstays.

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  • Revenue Control

    University of Tasmania

    UTAS, decide to double there fleet of Parkeon meters, as reliability is second to none. APARC is grateful for the business, and will continue supporting UTAS now and into the future institution that may be liable if your parking meters are not EMV compliant and your end users credit cards are compromised as a result.

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