Hobart & APARC unite for Australia’s first fully integrated Smart City

The best-of-the-best win Hobart!

In 2016, Hobart City Council embarked on a far sighted journey to formulate a state-of-the-art Smart City solution for Tasmania’s capital city.  A program of trials and tests of equipment and technology followed to ensure that equipment would stand up to the extreme weather conditions of Tasmania, and guarantee performance.

APARC is delighted and honoured to announce it has won the multi-million dollar contract to implement a Smart City solution for Hobart City Council.

This major technology package comprises Parkeon 7” colour screen parking meters, integrated enforcement, sensors, a mobile phone parking app, and real-time credit card processing; all integrated into Australia’s first fully integrated Smart City solution.

Colour screen meters offer a splash-screen so Council can report what’s going in downtown Hobart, advertise, and even display missing person notices or law enforcement messages. Hobart’s meters will be the first meters in the country to accept payment by ApplePay. The sensor technology, the Smart Parking flush mounted sensor, transmits live data to the parking enforcement officers about overstays, with a fully streamed back-office which can be monitored anywhere in the world. With competing sensor technology this is not possible.

APARC’s partnership with ADR allows fully integrated enforcement and a payment app fully integrated with meters and sensors. Long gone are the days where parking patrol officers had to return to the office to download what they have done for the day; everything is sent live from the field within seconds.

SimplePay, part of the APARC group, will provide payment support for Hobart. SimplePay conducts processing for global leader Parkeon across the UK, Ireland, USA and Abu Dhabi as well as all of APARC’s customers in Australia.

APARC congratulates James Miliankos for his hard work in Hobart, and in addition his service and sales in the whole state of Tasmania. Well done James.

APARC is elated with the win, and says thank you to Hobart City Council who has put faith into the APARC Smart City Solution. For APARC, our Smart City Solution which will be the first of its kind that actually works here in Australia, and will become the flag ship for everyone to view in the coming months.