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    APARC smart sensors at Tamworth

    Tamworth embraces smart technology

    Together with our partner Telstra, APARC will be installing 136 in-ground parking sensors connected to dynamic (LED) signage. The new smart parking technology will help detect if a parking space is available or occupied, saving motorists time and fuel, and reducing traffic congestion. Installation of the smart sensors will commence late in November.

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    APARC win City of Burnie meter replacement program

    City of Burnie choose APARC

    APARC is pleased to announce that Burnie City Council have chosen us as their preferred supplier for their Paid Parking Replacement program. The new parking meters equipped with the latest technology will be rolled out over the coming weeks. This is a significant achievement for APARC.

  • APARC reel in Ballina

    APARC reel in Ballina

    APARC in conjunction with Telstra, are providing a 7” colour screen kiosk to issue beach permits to 4WD’s.  The system has an easy to use ‘look up’ feature for the rangers to validate 4WD rego’s on the go.

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    APARC win Greater Shepparton City

    Greater Shepparton City increase parking meters

    Continuing to build on a successful supplier relationship, Greater Shepparton City Council have decided to extend their fleet of reliable ticket machines from APARC and Parkeon. The installation of the new parking meters is expected to begin this month.

    “In today’s economy, finding reliable suppliers isn’t easy”, says Phillip Verity, Managing Director. “Thankfully at APARC, Australia’s leading parking meter supplier, we only partner with the world’s best manufacturer – global giant Parkeon. Bringing over 30 years experience to the industry, Parkeon meters are robust and reliable, giving councils like Greater Shepparton City a highly secure parking management solution that reduces operational costs and improves their bottom line.”

    APARC are grateful for their ongoing support and business.

  • Royal Rehab Ryde choose APARC

    Royal Rehab Ryde

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that Royal rehab have selected APARC as there parking provider. The latest technology out of world leader French manufacturer Parkeon, will soon arrive at our shores and be installed. This is APARC’S first client in the private sector.

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    Kangaroo Island Council choose APARC

    Jumping for joy

    Kangaroo Island Council – a new addition for APARC – have chosen us as their preferred parking meter provider. This is a great win for APARC, and we are very appreciative for their business.

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    APARC and Hollywood Private Hospital WA

    Hollywood Private Hospital – another win for APARC

    We are happy to announce that Hollywood Hospital has selected APARC as there parking Meter provider. Meters have been installed and more will arrive soon. This is a second win for APARC in the private sector.

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    APARC win Macquarie University

    APARC win Macquarie University

    After exploring technologies within the parking sector, Macquarie University have opted to go with the latest and greatest Parkeon technology. For APARC, this is another great University that we can add to our most impressive list.