• News Story

    Burwood Council

    Council has decided to extend their fleet of On Street Parkeon equipment, and also explored the world of in ground flush mounted sensors. Since the successful trial of sensors, Council has been impressed with the data capture it receives from the sensor back office regarding occupancy, turnover of spaces, and overstays.

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  • Revenue Control

    University of Tasmania

    UTAS, decide to double there fleet of Parkeon meters, as reliability is second to none. APARC is grateful for the business, and will continue supporting UTAS now and into the future institution that may be liable if your parking meters are not EMV compliant and your end users credit cards are compromised as a result.

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  • Part 1: EMV Compliance


    In the last 2 years, have you bought new meters and if so, have you requested coin & credit card meters?

    Has your supplier said to you that they are EMV compliant, and supplied you with a meter that is coin & credit card with a contact reader, and without the contactless reader? Well unfortunately under scheme guidelines all “new meters” are classified as unattended devices, and all must include contactless.

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  • Announcement

    It gives us great pleasure to announce that Broken Hill City Council has selected APARC as their preferred parking solution. After exploring their market options, Council has selected APARC/Parkeon for their reliability, quality of hardware, and reputation in the market place.

  • Announcement

    Toowoomba City Council have accepted APARC’S submission for its newly updated paid parking regime going forward. Considering the outdated hardware Council has in the ground today, the Parkeon meters have improved the way they transact with their local constituents and visitors. APARC is thrilled with the result, and will continue to support Council with the best equipment the market has to offer.

  • Announcement

    Hunters Hill Council have accepted APARC’s offer for the supply installation and maintenance of parking meters. The installation will take place prior to Christmas.

    APARC is well and truly delighted with the outcome, and this is just another Council that we have added to our amazing portfolio.