Multiple Mobile Phone app’s is the way to go
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Multiple Mobile Phone app’s is the way to go

Multiple Mobile Phone app’s is the way to go

Whilst the hot topic around mobile phone payment has local government agencies surrounded by political theatre, the prime concern for their local constituents should be choice. Having one provider as a does not provide a complete solution for many reasons, as all providers offer a different solution. In Europe the UK, and the US, multiple providers are used to offer choice to the motorist and have multiple App providers in their LGA.

For example, the following items should be considered.

  • Not all providers will integrate with other technologies. The APARC/Flowbird open platform does
  • All providers hold on to Council funds (REVENUE) for a month, APARC’s Strada Mobile does not, funds are remitted the following day.
  • Costs associated with the service (convenience fee) vary, Strada mobile is the most cost effective in the market
  • Do all solutions provide guidance within their solution, no they do not, Strada Mobile does with Find my car?
  • Are all commercial models the same? No, they are not. Strada mobile can either bill the Local government agency or the motorists.
  • Is having a mobile solution better being integrated with an enforcement solution on an open platform, or in a stand-alone mode like majority are? What’s the point of a stand-alone mode, it’s just another means of payment?

Providers are writing to local government agencies to “PARTICIPATE” in their solution or offering, be mindful as there is a lot consider when it comes to Mobile Phone payment solutions.

For years providers have been toying with technologies and trying to dominate the market in any way they can, but it seems Flowbird heads up top spot when it comes to innovation.

Whilst Promotions and publicised information about providers platforms is being shown to government agencies, we ask why can’t they show a live environment?

No Provider in the market other than APARC have installed a complete integrated solution with 5 different providers across our open platform. Consisting of 354 ticket machines, 54 (enforcement) handheld devices, 2300 flush mount sensors, payments, and Mobile phone app.

The next time local government agencies decide how they can apply efficiencies and take there LGA to the next level, be mindful of the big picture, to ensure you provide the best service and choice to your local government constituents.