The first NB-IoT sensor hits Australian shores
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The first NB-IoT sensor hits Australian shores

The first NB-IoT sensor hits Australian shores

Harnessing many years of experience, and our understanding of the On-Street sensor technology market, APARC is releasing the first NB-IoT sensor in Australian. While many other products have claimed to be market leaders, the APARC U-Spot Sensor will leave its competitors behind. With 99% of manufacturers relying on repeaters or smart spots for a communication link, the APARC sensor sits in the ground and communicates straight to the cloud with an eSIM.

Gone are the days of congested gateways, and considerable downtime. The U-Spot Sensor is:

  • Unique and robust sensor with the SIM on chip integrated during manufacturing
  • 100% weather resistant
  • Able to handle the harshest environmental conditions

The U-Spot Sensor works by using the Earth’s magnetic field to detect vehicles in a parking space every three seconds. It recognises:

  • Occupation rate
  • Parking time
  • Rotation rate

Capturing the sensor’s data intelligence in the Cloud, U-Spot provides you with:

  • Full visibility of real-time analytics across desktop and mobile devices
  • Real-time detection accuracy over 98%
  • Eliminates the magnetic effects of the environment
  • Maximise the sensor lifetime (with up to 10 years under standard mobile network coverage conditions)

APARC’s latest tech solution is reinventing the Australian parking experience.

With unmatched capabilities, our new technology is exceeding all expectations, and in APARCS opinion has no competitors, just like our suite of products. We’re excited for the times ahead.