The Digital Race
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The Digital Race

The Digital Race

Whilst the whips are cracking towards an endless winning post of ever changing technology, APARC believes that Parkeon Flowbird technology nails its competitors to the boundary fence.

In the last 14 years, there hasn’t been any great innovation in the urban mobility sector. The industry is still driven by little more than a box with coin acceptance, a credit card reader, and a ticket printer – the evolution of pay by plate adding only minor increases in functionality. What the industry needs is kiosks that are being deployed with colour screens with digital messaging about what’s on in your local LGA, weather reports, photos, couponing, advertising, the option of bus timetables and more.

APARC is proud to be the sole distributor of Flowbird’s incredible new S5 Colour Digital Kiosk. The S5 has a 9.7-inch TOUCH screen (as big as an iPad!), and allows government agencies to offer true visibility to their constituencies with information delivery, and consumer engagement capabilities that are completely unique to the Australian market. Not only can the S5 offer an abundance of services and information, it also includes the ability to allow consumers to pay for infringements, permits and other services via a QR code at the kiosk. This disruptive innovation puts APARC customers leaps and bounds above rest. Kiosks can integrate into public transportation systems including third-party providers today. The scope is endless, with the S5 Kiosk.

APARC is offering government agencies a one stop shop when it comes to true urban mobility. This includes, touch screen colour kiosks with the option for cash or cashless acceptance (all the more important in this COVID impacted world), Digital Permit Solutions, Off street access control system,  Mobile Parking App’s, fully Integrated Enforcement Solution, NBioT Sensor Technology including Dynamic Digital Signage, and importantly, a single financial processing solution across all points of interaction.

Whether its contactless credit card payments at kiosks, Till Payments does it all;

  • eCommerce payments with Digital Permits
  • in App Mobile Payments
  • FlowBird Go – Off Street Parking Payments
  • eCommerce & QR based payments for realtime payment of infringements at the kiosk

Whether government agencies would like DIGITAL messaging displayed on a kiosk, or tariff changes, these are done in minutes with a simple download. We also can convert your Pay & Display to Pay by Plate, to cashless, and to coin & credit card within minutes.

In addition, APARC is releasing our Off-street solution Flowbird Go (S5), currently deployed in countries around the world, costing up to 60% less than any other off-street solution. Motorists have the option to check in via a QR code, entering phone number, credit card, including a permit.

This all sits on the Parkeon Flowbird hub, which gives government agencies realtime visibility with what’s happening in their On street and Off street world, on one pane of glass.

No other vendor offers a comparable solution in Australia today.

Flowbird Go (S5) mimics what government agencies have in their on street world, compared to their off street world.

Whether you have an open-air car park, or a multi deck car park, Flowbird Go caters for it all.

So, the next time government agencies are looking to modernise their LGA’s, they should strategically identify implementing the right solutions from the get-go, and opt for the metrics that matter. Ultimately, a solution that offers a quality user experience for visitors and residents.

Whilst parking sits second when it comes to Council’s portfolio, government agencies owe this type of technology to their visitors and residents, alleviating the administration nightmare, and future proofing their LGA.

Think smart, think APARC.