Innovative leaders pushing the boundaries
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Innovative leaders pushing the boundaries

Innovative leaders pushing the boundaries

Local government areas have a pressing need for solutions that can challenge existing problems by providing a solid return on investment.

Technology is becoming a critical force in the development and functionality of local government areas. After a decade of trial and error, municipal leaders are realising that smart-city strategies start with people, not technology. In this instance Parkeon/Flowbird come into their own with 500 RND engineers, 1300 staff, operating over 5,000 towns and cities in 70 countries. Their 80% plus global market share justifies their Goliath status.

By promoting and manufacturing innovative and integrated solutions such as the digital S5 kiosks with 9’7 touch screens, and the new S5 Flowbird Go (Off Street solutions) this enables global giant Parkeon to outshine any competitor when it comes to on street and off street solutions, which is all displayed on one pane of glass.

With the additions of real-time air quality pollution sensors at street level within the kiosk monitored by the Streetsmart hub, and the ability to pay for infringements at the kiosk, these innovations far surpass a meter that supports coin and credit card payments, and (cashless) credit card payments. Combined with mobile phone applications, enforcement applications, permit solutions, and the colour touch screen (iPad size) displayed with what’s on in your city, bus timetables, and posting special events, anything less doesn’t make the grade.

Include value-adding global leader Urbiotica to the mix, their NB-IoT sensors that communicate straight to the cloud without the need of repeaters and gateways, allows local government areas the ability to scale better, both in terms of geographical reach, and economically. With real-time data that allows LGA’s the ability to watch events as they unfold, understand how demand patterns are changing, and respond with faster and lower-cost solutions is the future of true urban mobility.

This real-time technology coupled with digital dynamic signage, citizen app, and with a parking analytics multiuser dashboard, creates the essence of true visibility. In addition, monitoring loading zones and disability spaces in real time provides equal opportunity amongst visitors and residents across the board.

The entire solution controlled by ONE, payment service provider Till payments, takes the administration nightmare away from government agencies.

Nothing should fall short of offering visitors and residents a frictionless parking experience they deserve, with the latest technology for on street and off street combined.

In our view, enhancing the using experience touch points across your city is what matters.

Stay tuned as there is more to come!

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