APARC adds another WA win to their portfolio


APARC is happy to announce the successful tender of RFT 3/19 for the supply, installation and maintenance of ticket machines and sensors for the City of South Perth.


The Director of APARC Phillip Verity would like to thank the City of South Perth for having confidence in APARC, and the Parkeon/Flowbird product we distribute. The Parkeon/Flowbird ticket machines are undoubtedly the best in the world, having 88% of the global market share, which speaks volumes.


In addition, the City of South Perth will benefit from APARC’s Smart City Solution consisting of Ticket machines, Sensors, Enforcement, and Mobile Phone Payment, with one payment gateway that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the market place.


The City of South Perth will also benefit from the Parkeon/Flowbird ticket machine’s ability to be converted to modes such as Pay & Display, Pay by Plate, or Pay by Space. This simply requires a new keypad and a software change that can be completed in a matter of minutes, whilst other providers have a specific machine for each individual mode.


APARC once again would like to thank the team at City of South Perth for being super-efficient with their process and decision making. We look forward to a strong working relationship.