Are your parking meters EMV compliant?

New credit card standards have major effect on parking industry if your parking meters were installed after April 2012, are they fitted with the mandatory bank certified contact and PayPass compliant contactless device?

If not, the transactions processed are not EMV compliant. Not only is your council processing payments insecurely, and putting Australians at risk of credit card fraud, you are also breaching the Schemes compliance mandates and bank rules. In an era where fraud criminals are continually looking for new areas of weakness, they are now moving into new territory… unattended equipment!

The Liability Shift

Since the start of April 2012, under the EMV compliance rules and mandates, all unattended credit card equipment, including parking meters, must be EMV Level 1 and 2 compliant, plus achieve Bank and Scheme certification. In simple terms, the equipment, software, and
pathway must be tested end-to-end by the acquiring bank and certified.

In addition, MasterCard mandates that all new equipment from October 2012, including any NEW installations of unattended credit card equipment, MUST be fitted with a bank certified contact and PayPass contactless device.

The liability shift means that Councils that operate non-EMV compliant meters will be
liable for any losses incurred in the event that an EMV chip card is used at a non-EMV-capable terminal, and the resulting transaction is determined to be counterfeit fraud. In addition, if a consumer receives an infringement for an overstay or non-payment, legally they do not have to pay it.

It doesn’t pay to be ignorant about these issues

“After 8 years in the parking industry, I have seen it all. As the leading organisation in on-street parking meters, we feel it is our obligation to ensure councils are installing meters equipped with the proper technology, to prevent Australians from falling victim to credit card fraud” says Phillip Verity, Managing Director of APARC.

“Managing credit card fraud is of major importance to us, and we strongly urge councils not to defer upgrading their parking meters”.

Please note the views expressed in this article are that of my own and not that of my company.