Flowbird GO
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Cloud-based, Off-street Parking Experience

Flowbird GO

Flowbird GO offers unique insights into your parking facility, delivering a simple yet dynamic solution with advanced results.

Whether it’s a ticketed gated solution, or a ticketless barrier free parking solution using ANPR that scans number plates on entry and exit, Flowbird GO does it all.

This cloud-based solution, alleviates servers onsite, and is a real-time digital parking validation solution, with around the clock intercom voice call services here in Australia.

Drivers payment process

One platform.
Endless possibilities.

Flowbird GO Portal is a great tool to manage the parking sessions and create good relationships between the operator and the motorist. The operator can handle and verify uncertain camera readings, monitor parking sessions, verify, and send invoices.

Lost Tickets

Flowbird GO supports lost ticket codes where drivers can use the pay-on-foot station or exit terminal to pay a lost ticket fee.

Frequent Parkers

Streamline monthly account management with our cloud-based portal that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Flowbird provides a complete permit solution to manage monthly parkers.

Digital Parking Validations

Your team sets up the validations in our back-office suite and provides the rights to merchants to distribute validations to their customers.

Fully cloud-based solution

No need for an on-site server.

Maximises your return on investment

Save thousands compared to similar systems.

Dynamic QR code based solution

User’s parking fee is tracked in the cloud by their unique QR code.

Smart and dynamic
off-street service

Flowbird GO is a reliable, accurate, and cost effective solution.

Cost efficient

Cloud managed parking rights

100% hosted by Flowbird

User friendly design

Easy to maintain

Flexible and scalable

Fully configurable touch-screen interface

Data-driven operations

All payment transactions are stored in a central cloud-based location – your complete data management solution. The reporting module offers advanced summary detailed reports so you can make operational decisions based on your environment and customer behaviours.

Comprehensive data management

Dynamic user management

Built-in input/output barrier control

Built-in LAN network for reliability and cost efficiency

Secure device, data and system integration

End-to-end parking rights

Remote rate and message changes

Real-time equipment health reporting

Install our flexible Cloud-based, Off-street Parking solution.

Contact us to help you manage your urban mobility and parking.