About our parking kiosks

Our parking kiosks integrate seamlessly to create the optimal parking management solution for you. Designed to suit any environment combined with an adaptability to changing circumstances, plus various payment options & configurations available, we have the parking solution for you.

Strada Ticket Kiosk

Strada Ticket Kiosk: Bringing over thirty years of parking experience to you.

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Maximise your kiosk uptime with our self-monitoring intelligence and real-time wireless reporting.

This means no unnecessary visits by technical personnel or collection agencies, saving you time and money.

Our pay parking kiosks are robust and reliable and particularly resistant to vandalism, giving you a highly secure parking management solution.

With the high rates of credit card payments, you need to be sure that your pay parking kiosk is reliable, secure and compliant.

Our kiosks are fully EMV Co. compliant, fitted with contactless, pay pass and pay wave, antennae which are mandatory requirements of Mastercard & Visa.

They are also fully Australian and New Zealand bank certified for processing on the Till Payments platform.

STRADA is compliant with Flowbird ID-PAL platform, and therefore is configured with the following payment options:

  • Pay & Display capable
  • Pay by Bay capable
  • Pay by Plate capable

Each display configuration can be changed simply by replacing the keypad label.


From busy city centres to historical precincts, STRADA has a modern and compact design that integrates into any surroundings. STRADA offers options for Cash Collection:

  • STRADA Evolution Transfer:  The Strada Transfer pay parking machine has the widely spread and highly secured transfer collection system. Cash Collection is performed by transferring coins safely from inner safe to the Transfer Canister.
  • STRADA Evolution Rapide: The Strada Rapide pay parking machine is a terminal equipped with an innovative cash box system designed for fast and effortless coin collection. Cash Collection is performed by exchange of the cash box inside the machine with an empty one.

Parking kiosk features

  • 100% self-sufficient in terms of its power requirements via powerful solar panels
  • Easy to use clip-in & clip-out internal components
  • Maximum uptime due to self-monitoring intelligence
  • Effective management via two-way wireless communications systems
  • Efficient information gathering through real time reporting
  • Various payment options: Coin, Credit Card and Contactless Cards
  • Extremely secure and highly resistant to vandalism
  • Rapid and secure exchanges of coin boxes for collection
  • 98% recyclable


The Strada ticket kiosk has three anchoring systems available:

  • Flat Ground Anchoring without pedestal
  • Flat Ground Anchoring with pedestal
  • Excavation Anchoring with pedestal


Meters strada colour chartDifferent designs enable you to design your Strada ticket kiosk to complement the surrounding environment.

You can select from five stock colours:

  • Titanium grey
  • Sterling Grey
  • Magic Blue
  • Moss Green
  • Jet Black
Custom colours are also available, subject to volume.

Solar Powered Ticket Kiosk

Eliminate your ongoing electricity costs with our eco-friendly solar powered ticket kiosk.

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Meters solar powered ticket machines

With just 2 hours of ambient daylight you can recharge our kiosks and provide the full functionality needed for on-street parking. And there’s no need to worry about inclement weather with our robust and resistant kiosks. They are built to withstand the toughest conditions: rain, hail or shine!

Super Green solutions

Flowbird: applying eco-design principles for over two decades.

We aim to minimise our kiosk’s environmental impact throughout its entire life-cycle. By employing our eco-design process, and involving experts in materials, power management and IT systems, we ensure our kiosks are considerate to the environment from manufacturing to on-street operations. When it does come time to retire a Flowbird kiosk (usually not for at least 10 years) over 98% can be recycled, including batteries.

Solar Power Expertise

Meters solar panelIn 1995, the first solar powered ticketing machines were introduced.

Since then they’ve led the way in the research and deployment of sophisticated solar power management.

Today, more than 120,000 solar powered Flowbird kiosks are in service throughout the world.

Environmentally Friendly Parking Management

Meters recycleOur multi-bay parking kiosks typically control 8-10 parking spaces on-street, so your staff will only have to maintain and collect 10-20% of your parking inventory compared to a single space parking meter solution.

This means fewer visits to the kiosks, meaning less driving around for your staff – saving on time and energy!

Product Comparison Chart

Compare features of the Strada Pal, Strada Rapide and Strada Transfer. As Australia’s leading Parking Kiosk Suppliers, APARC can help you decide.

Height 1.58m – 1.72m 1.58m – 1.72m 1.58m – 1.72m
Weight 90kg – 130kg 90kg – 130kg 90kg – 130kg
Solar Panel
Clip in Clip out components
Two-way wireless communication
Real time reporting
Payment: Coin, Credit Card Contactless Card
EMV Compliant
Exchangeable coin box
Coin Transfer canister
18cm colour touch screen user interface
Advertising/ information space
STRADA_PAL_MR40_Face_64x221 compare-strada-transfer compare-strada-rapide
Download the Strada Pal brochure
Download the Strada Evolution product leaflet