Parkeon completes key role in Opal network success

Parkeon, a global leader in transport ticketing technology, has played a key role in the highly successful roll-out of the world’s largest geographically-defined smartcard system, which has now been completed months ahead of schedule.

Parkeon’s ticketing platform has been key to the bus network, acting as both driver console and the primary device providing information for real-time tracking, third party validators, AVL and communications gateways. The system also enables drivers to view the status of all on-board equipment, monitor transactions and calculate distance-based fares.

In all, more than 1.8 million Opal cards have been issued, with patronage increasing steadily as passengers take advantage of faster boarding times and easier journeys facilitated by the smartcards. The first customer trials of Opal started on ferries in December 2012 and within the space of two years the system has been rolled-out to 308 train stations, more than 5,000 buses, 40 ferry wharves and 23 light rail stops.