Parking Meters for Byron Bay

Following the Byron Shire tender process, APARC has been elected as the new provider for the paid parking meter management scheme.

APARC would like to thank the whole team at Byron Shire Council for putting their trust in us and global giant Parkeon. APARC (a one stop source for all parking management needs) will be providing Byron Shire Council with a fully integrated solution including the latest technologies such as a pay-by-plate system, enforcement, LPR, permits, and payment processing. “They have selected the best product in the world and in the Australian market”, said Phillip Verity, Managing Director of APARC. 

The new parking meters will reach our shores soon thanks to Parkeon’s manufacturing ability of 2000 units per month.

With 11 new clients in the last 3 months, the team at APARC are elated with the win, and look forward to building a strong relationship with Byron Shire Council.