Part 3: EMV Compliance

Institutions that have been sold the dream!

It has come to my attention, that institutions that have been sold the dream, have had to take drastic measures to protect themselves. Institutions have turned off meters in a whole LGA, to minimise their potential exposure from someone’s credit card being compromised.

The risk to institutions is a real concern. Managers must realise that their organisation has a duty of care to protect its constituents/users. Relying solely on the advice of a sales consultant during the tender process is not good enough if the parking meters are not EMV compliant. In accordance with the credit card schemes (MasterCard and Visa) all unattended parking meters must process credit card transactions using a fully bank certified, end-to-end EMV compliant solution, including contactless. Accordingly, institutions should expect that their provider is able to supply this type of solution.

As the Managing Director of APARC (the third largest distributor for parking meter giant Parkeon) it astounds me that other suppliers and manufacturers continue to supply parking meters that are not part of a fully compliant end-to-end EMV solution. This is not the way to conduct an honest and legitimate business, and APARC condemns this approach.

This issue is compounded when a supplier knowingly misguides their customers to believe they don’t actually need contactless. This deliberate act of dishonesty increases if the supplier falsely declares on their own website that they can supply a fully compliant EMV solution including contactless.

So how do you avoid being caught in the crossfire? The answer is simple:

  • Ask to see your supplier’s authority/bank certification for a contact and contactless solution. This is, after all, a mandatory scheme and bank requirement; and
  • Examine the parking meters the supplier or manufacturer proposes to install to see if they are equipped to process a contactless transaction.

If you have paid to upgrade your existing meters to EMV Compliance, make sure that the supplier or manufacturer has installed a contact and contactless solution. If they haven’t, chances are your not EMV compliant, and you are not processing EMV transactions.

If you have concerns your organisation has been affected by a supplier like this, you also need to address if you’re legally permitted to enforce against users or motorists who have overstayed their parking. Parking meters that are not configured correctly shouldn’t be in the ground in the first place. If the meters provided to you are not fully end-to-end EMV certified, why should motorists be penalised?

This also applies to a partial EMV upgrade of existing meters.

If anyone would like any further clarification, or assistance please don’t hesitate contact me directly.

Phillip Verity
, Managing Director, APARC
M: 0401 648 282