Combining leading-edge products & systems with superior customer service, APARC gives you the best parking management solution available across Australia, and New Zealand. The APARC “Connected Cities” offering is an Australian/ New Zealand first with Meters, Sensors, permits, enforcement, Payment processing, mobile phone parking, all under the one roof.


APARC is the sole distributor for Parkeon Parking Meters throughout Australia and New Zealand.

At APARC we provide you with a market-leading parking solution that best suits you, from the parking lot to the back office and beyond.

When you’re with APARC you can be sure to receive the exceptional customer service and results you deserve.

We offer customised service, taking care of your individual parking needs and payment requirements for optimal return. This includes:

  • Extensive consultation regarding the design and planning of a customised on-street parking management and off-street parking control schemes
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of sophisticated parking control and revenue
  • Collection terminals and systems
  • PC-based systems to generate service / maintenance warnings and alarms.
  • The provision of financial and statistical data reports
  • Comprehensive support on servicing, maintenance and spares

Phillip Verity, Managing Director

“Superior quality will save you money and frustration every time.. ”

Phillip founded APARC with only one vision in mind – To create a company that catered for complete parking management, using only the best in sophisticated products and systems. Joining forces with Parkeon ensures Phillip is able to guarantee his customers the most advanced product anywhere in the market. With a strong entrepreneurial attitude and head of the pack mentality, Phillip’s dedication to comprehensive parking solutions has made APARC the industry leader it is today.


Guaranteed 99% up-time. Making us the most trusted parking meter supplier in Australia.

At APARC all our technicians maintain our meters in real-time via laptops allowing continuous access to every machine. No lost time due to SMS messages, missed emails or calls. We believe in nothing but the best service.

Plus, all our technicians carry spare parts and cleaning agents in their vehicles. And we undertake quarterly maintenance on all our Parkeon machines for all our clients, which can be done easily and efficiently as all inbuilt components are clip-in/clip-out.

The team at APARC pride ourselves on providing nothing less than exceptional standards of service to our customers. That’s why at APARC all our technicians have electrical and mechanical backgrounds as well as comprehensive IT knowledge.

This, combined with great people skills, commitment, loyalty and putting your business at the top of priority list makes us us one of Australia’s leading parking meter companies.

Best practice certifications

APARC’s success is due to the expertise and exceptional efforts of our employees.

Our management systems have been designed and implemented with this commitment in mind.

Quality managementQuality Management

APARC is committed to the highest quality and standards that meet or exceed our clients specification and expectation. APARC’s Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) provides the framework during the construction stages and beyond in ensuring this commitment is delivered. APARC’s IBMS is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Occupational Health and Safety

Quality management

At APARC the safety of our employees and sub-contractors is paramount. We are committed to minimising risk in the workplace and believe that all safety incidents are preventable. With this commitment in mind, our Occupational Health and Safety Management System in the IBMS is based on the National Standards for Safety. APARCS Occupational Health and Safety Management System in the IBMS is certified to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801 for occupational health and management safety systems.

Environmental ManagementEnvironmental management

APARC implements strict building practices and policies to ensure that our activities are environmentally sensitive throughout the installation stages and beyond. We take firm stance on sustainable practices and have established the environmental management system to minimise risk and minimise our impact on our sensitive environment. APARC’s environmental management system in the IBMS is certified to the ISO 14001 standard.

Our partner

PARKEON: Your partner for urban mobility. PARKEON is a world leader in the urban mobility sector.

Parkeon StatisticsPARKEON is a world leader in the urban mobility sector. Thanks to their unique integrated offer in terms of parking and transport management solutions, PARKEON is located in 50 countries. Their strongly innovative approach has proved successful over its 37+ years of experience, helping to ease congested streets and facilitate mobility within more than 3000 cities worldwide.

  • With environmental concerns growing, PARKEON has employed eco-design principles for more than 15 years.
  • Prior to equipment design, there is an eco-design process, which involves experts in specifying materials, components, power sources and IT systems.
  • The goal of this is to minimise the environmental impact of the product over its life cycle: from material choice to dismantling, through manufacturing, logistics and operational lifecycle of the terminal.
  • PARKEON’s Ticket machines and Parking Meters are designed in conjunction with the following criteria to minimise the impacts on the environment:Restriction of hazardous substances & reduce quantity of waste
  • Choice of materials used in design process
  • Energy saving by promoting solar configuration
  • Saving of energy consumption during terminal life
  • Modular conception, to make the re-use easier and facilitate the end-of-life treatment.
  • Maximize the product recycling (over 90% of the mass of a PAYSTATION is recyclable).
  • PARKEON has constantly strived to reduce the power requirements of its machines by rationalising electronic boards, optimising software drivers and reducing the number of moving parts.

STRADA recycling rate is of 95% and 98% for recovery.

Solar Power

Since 1995, PARKEON has been designing and supplying solar powered ticketing machines for the Transport and Parking industry.

Unlike the majority of parking solutions manufacturers, PARKEON lead with solar power as the preferred option for the PAYSTATION terminals, efficient and “green” alternative to electricity generated by nuclear or fossil-fuelled

PARKEON’s large proportion of machines produced are solar powered: today, 80% of terminals delivered worldwide are solar powered.

Why PARKEON is the best in the business

  • Capacity to produce and deliver – PARKEON produces over 14,000 pay station’s per year which represents 56% of the world production
  • Secure cash collection system – PARKEON has several high-level European standards
  • MOTORIZED COIN CIRCUIT – refuses paper, wood, and other foreign materials, increasing security and lowering maintenance costs
  • myParkfolio remote monitoring of the pay stations – OPTIMISED REVENUE HIGH REACTIVITY, low downtime
  • Qualifications and certifications on level of EC, standards for disabled people…
  • INTEGRATED Solar power and performance in high payment level conditions –– LOW OPERATIONAL COST AND GREEN, MODERN IMAGE
  • Develop and manufacture all key parts of the pay stations – TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, MODULARITY, DEDICATION & LONG TERM SUPPORT
  • Experience – With expertise in big and complex installations worldwide, PARKEON can tailor a wide range of solutions to meet your requirements