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    Flowbird Urban Intelligence

    Parkeon and Cale, the world leaders in parking and transport ticketing solutions, are joining forces to create a new global entity under a new brand – FLOWBIRD – with a signature: Urban Intelligence.

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  • APARC wins City of Vincent ‘enforcement’ tender 

    After a lengthy tender process with numerous competitors, APARC has won the enforcement tender for the City of Vincent, WA. APARC is over the moon with the win, and is looking forward to supplying the area with the best enforcement system that the market has to offer.

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  • City of Hobart places an advance order

    Whilst Hobart’s first order of meters are still approaching our shores and have yet to be installed, the well-versed and thorough Hobart City Council have already ordered more meters. APARC would like to thank the city’s parking management team for their foresight and continued support.

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  • Another happy customer in WA Health 

    WA Health is another happy APARC customer, having just extended their fleet of Parkeon meters. APARC is delighted with the result, and all these wins to date tell a huge story. Many thanks to WA Health.

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  • Byron Shire contract expands to Bangalow

    Due to our reputation for reliability and best in market products, APARC has just received an order to extend our services to Bangalow. At APARC, we pride ourselves in making people happy – something we have in common with the Byron Shire area. 

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  • Successful trial for Hobsons Bay

    Following a successful trial, APARC has received an order to supply meters for Hobsons Bay. APARC is delighted with the result, and by all reports, it seems another customer is ecstatic about the reliability of the Parkeon meters. Congratulations to James Miliankos National Sales Manager for APARC, who has had an exceptional year.

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    Tas Parks choose Parkeon

    After scouring the market for Pay & Display meters, APARC is proud to be the successful bidder once again.

    Whilst other providers struggle in harsh conditions, our Parkeon meters are built tougher than most, and will outperform any meter – even in the snow. The 7’inch colour screen “Hybrid” meter can be loaded with daily news, QR codes, missing persons, even coupons. All information can be downloaded remotely and can easily transform into a Pay & Display or Pay-By-Bay meter with a sticker change and a simple software upgrade. This state of the art meter doesn’t miss a beat, and according to all reports Tas Parks are delighted with the performance and customer service shown by APARC.

    APARC thanks Tas Parks for the opportunity.

  • Salamanca Markets Hobart City

    Hobart & APARC unite for Australia’s first fully integrated Smart City

    The best-of-the-best win Hobart!

    In 2016, Hobart City Council embarked on a far sighted journey to formulate a state-of-the-art Smart City solution for Tasmania’s capital city.  A program of trials and tests of equipment and technology followed to ensure that equipment would stand up to the extreme weather conditions of Tasmania, and guarantee performance.

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