University of Tasmania

UTAS, decide to double there fleet of Parkeon meters, as reliability is second to none. APARC is grateful for the business, and will continue supporting UTAS now and into the future institution that may be liable if your parking meters are not EMV compliant and your end users credit cards are compromised as a result.

In reality your institution has accepted a Non-Conforming and Non-Compliant meter/tender.

Might I just add, that you run the risk of issuing UNENFORCEABLE infringement notices if you rely upon non-EMV compliant parking meters? Why should consumers pay for an infringement when the parking meter shouldn’t be in the ground, with a coin & “contact reader” only application? Once again this does not apply for coin only meters.

If such a situation has happened to you, ask your supplier to explain how the parking meters they supplied are EMV compliant in accordance with its tender representation, then consider whether the supplier has breached its contract with you, and whether you are entitled to ask for a refund or other compensation.

If anyone would like any further clarification, or assistance please don’t hesitate contact me directly

Phillip Verity
 Managing Director, APARC
M: 0401 648 282