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    Flowbird Urban Intelligence

    Parkeon and Cale, the world leaders in parking and transport ticketing solutions, are joining forces to create a new global entity under a new brand – FLOWBIRD – with a signature: Urban Intelligence.

    Read Parkeon Press Release

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    Tas Parks choose Parkeon

    After scouring the market for Pay & Display meters, APARC is proud to be the successful bidder once again.

    Whilst other providers struggle in harsh conditions, our Parkeon meters are built tougher than most, and will outperform any meter – even in the snow. The 7’inch colour screen “Hybrid” meter can be loaded with daily news, QR codes, missing persons, even coupons. All information can be downloaded remotely and can easily transform into a Pay & Display or Pay-By-Bay meter with a sticker change and a simple software upgrade. This state of the art meter doesn’t miss a beat, and according to all reports Tas Parks are delighted with the performance and customer service shown by APARC.

    APARC thanks Tas Parks for the opportunity.

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    City of Vincent increase their asset register

    APARC are delighted to announce that the City of Vincent are increasing their Parkeon fleet with more ticket machines. The council have ordered more meters to be deployed in the next 3 weeks, included as Phase One of their Smart City Solution.

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    Monash University adds more Parkeon to their campus

    APARC have been notified that more Parkeon meters are needed at Monash University. The meters are due to be deployed over the next 2 weeks, joining the existing campus fleet. This is a welcome addition to our increasing customer base in Victoria, growing steadily with a new customer every month.

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    Lismore City Council expands its urban mobility

    After a successful tender bid, Lismore City Council has decided to extend their fleet. New meters will be dispatched this week.

    As always, APARC is grateful for the business and the continued support of Lismore City Council.

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    Lightning fast install for Lane Cove Council

    The install of 45 Parkeon Strada ticket machines for Lane Cove Council took just days to complete and, as always, went very smoothly. Another APARC customer made happy!

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    APARC awarded City of Palmerston tender

    APARC is over the moon, having won the supply, installation and maintenance of ticket machines for the City of Palmerston in the Northern Territory. This win cements APARC’s 98% dominance throughout the entire state. Council representatives have been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership. A smooth and speedy installation is expected within the next 65 days.

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    Byron Bay’s parking system delivers results

    Following APARC’s successful tender for Byron Bay council, their new parking system has exceeded expectations, delivering remarkable improvement in terms of turnover and compliance. The council are so pleased with these results, they have requested that APARC supply a number of additional meters across the city (it’s a request we never get tired of hearing!)

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    Monash University places another order

    The recently-added Parkeon equipment in place at Monash University has been such a success, they’re already back for more! The university’s fleet of parking meters will be expanded even further in the coming months.

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    City of Burnie to add 10 new meters

    After recently joining the APARC family in November 2015, the City of Burnie is already back for more, requesting 10 brand new parking meters to add to their streets. We’re always happy to help make life easier for our clients.