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Powering smarter parking

City by city, we supply a suite of fully integrated, comprehensive parking management solutions to give you control of your parking, and help people navigate easily.

Complete in-house offering

Kiosks/Meters, enforcement, Parking sensors, Mobile Phone App, digital permits, and payments.

Fully integrated solution

We offer a fully integrated and scalable solution that surpasses anyone in the marketplace.

Optimise operator efficiency

By harmonising the flow of people and traffic, we create more sustainable urban mobility systems, improve social cohesion, and stimulate economic development.

City and regional focus

From our offices in Darwin, NSW, Victoria WA and Tasmania, we support all our clients ourselves, without the need of contractors.

Easier, safer and quicker

At APARC, our mission is to make it easier, safer and quicker for people to access and use our equipment when it comes to Urban Mobility.

We believe in nothing but the best service

The team at APARC prides itself on providing nothing less than exceptional standards of customer service. That’s why at APARC, all our technicians have electrical and mechanical backgrounds as well as comprehensive IT knowledge. These skills and our commitment to prioritising your business, makes us one of Australia’s leading parking management companies.

APARC is happy to partners with these providers:

Through our portfolio of services, our aim is to harmonise the flow of people and traffic, create more sustainable urban mobility systems, improve social cohesion, and stimulate economic development for cities.

Who we serve

Local Government Councils

College & Universities

Transit & Airports


Car Parks

Market Venues

Our core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our company’s actions.


We respect Everyone around us


We do what we say where going to do


We adapt to new challengers, and stay current in an ever-changing world


We never give up

“I founded APARC with only one vision in mind – to create a company that catered for complete parking management, using only the best in sophisticated products and systems. Joining forces with Flowbird, we can guarantee our customers have the most advanced product anywhere in the market. This dedication to comprehensive parking solutions has made APARC the industry leader it is today.”


Phillip Verity, Managing Director

Looking for one parking solution from start to finish?

Contact us to help you streamline your operations.