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ParkOne enforcement tools at work

ParkOne was set up to fill the gap in the enforcement software marketplace. We offer a range of products and services to enable organisations to effectively manage enforcement activities in an increasingly diverse marketplace.


Manages data collected from handwritten tickets, mobile computer ticket prints and ANPR camera triggers. The module has the capability of managing the entire ticket lifecycle process (including payments and correspondence processing where necessary). It also has facilities to enable real time or periodic data exchange between other third party systems allowing timely debt recovery for any infringements.

Digital Permits

Allows vehicle permits and non-vehicle licences to be securely issued along with full financial reconciliation and reporting. Configurable web pages allow applications from the public (including the supply of evidence) to go immediately into a workflow queue. Validation activity and processing rules can be fully tailored to follow existing and/or re-engineered processes.

Mobile / Handheld

Captures data in line with the relevant parking legislation or guidelines in place at each individual enforcement location. Our handheld LPR (License plate recognition) software enables officers to take a snapshot of the registration of which information prepopulates to verify if a valid payment has been made, at the meter, if there is a paid permit, or Mobile phone payment. Registration historical data is also presented.


The ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) interface allows data from a ANPR camera system to be loaded (either automatically or via a manual review process) directly into the ParkONE centralised processing module for processing.


The Infringement Processing module provides all the functionality required to enable data collected from a variety of sources to be accurately and securely processed from ticket issue to ticket closure.

Help Desk

With dedicated dedicated phone and email support, ParkOne deals with all inquiries directly 24/7, instead of any third-party intervention.

Seamless integration with handhelds

APARC’s ParkOne Software can be coupled with mobile printers, and can be deployed easily and cost effectively for your enforcement operations. Our team will work closely with you to deliver the best solution for your need.

Highly configurable suite of tools

Real-time data exchange

Fully hosted in the cloud, mobile enabled and web-based

Supports ‘in the field’ enforcement in other areas

Simple online access for customer payments/appeals

Detailed Reporting

A number of standard reports are available within the system. These provide financial and statistical data relating to information stored within the database. The processing modules have income, statistics, detail and status reports available.

Income Report

The income report provides reporting by date range with optional filters for permit type, infringement type, stage and location, with grouping options of date, month and year. Information provided on the report relates to permits or Fines issued, costs added, overpaid permit/tickets, permit/tickets paid in full, permit/tickets paid within a discount period, part paid , costs paid, refunds, written off amounts and cancellations with a total balance for each group.

Statistical Report

The statistical report allows the same criteria to be defined as the income report but reports non-financial data. Report information includes the number of permits/tickets issued, number observed, number that have paid in full, number paid within discount, number partially paid, number written off along with refunds issued and number cancelled. In particular, this allows the performance of an officer to be monitored/benchmarked.

Detail Report

The detail report provides reporting on all information relating to a permit. The status report displays all stages within the system and the number of permits at each stage.

Status Report

The status report displays all stages within the system and the number of permits at each stage along with a percentage and total outstanding balance. A date range can be specified to filter the data as required.

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