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Welcome to APARC

Leaders in parking management solutions

At APARC, parking management is our life’s work. From the parking lot, to the back office, and beyond, we take care of all your parking and payment requirements.

We supply kiosks, sensors, permits, LPR, enforcement, payment processing, and mobile phone parking – all under one roof.

Parking Kiosks

From busy city centres to historical precincts, our Strada Parking Kiosks integrate into any surroundings.


Get a high-level view of transaction activities, machines in need of maintenance, and your most recent collection data and more.

Revenue Control

Whether it’s pay-by-phone, mobile app payments, QR code acceptance, eCommerce, or kiosks — we’ve got it covered.

ParkOne Enforcement

ParkOne Enforcement is a highly configurable suite of tools for a range of enforcement tasks including parking and digital permit management.

ParkOne Mobile

The B2B & B2C digital parking experience.


When it comes to On-Street sensor technology, APARC’s U-Spot NB-IoT sensor is a market leader.

Urban mobility is changing. Is your city ready?

Contact us to help you meet the growing demand for convenient and contactless payments.