ParkOne Mobile
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ParkOne Mobile

The digital parking experience.

With ParkOne Mobile, providers of parking services can quickly respond to the rapidly evolving customer needs:


Mobile phone payments for on-street and off-street parking without the need to download an app or sign-up.


Online bookings of parking for private and businesses parkers with up-selling, cross-selling and co-marketing.


Online application and payment for car park leases and the flexibility of 24/7 self service and account administration.


Advance purchase of pre-paid passes for customers with irregular parking habits and to support non-performing assets.


Online registration for express parking and auto debit of parking fees to credit card or invoice of charges to account.


Digital validations of visitor, mobile workforce, temporary staff and retail customer parking using mobile device.

ParkOne Mobile will deliver a significantly enhanced and safer experience for parkers, greater flexibility and control for tenants and improved bottom line results for car park asset owners and operators.

• Mobile payments on & off street

• Auto-charge registered parkers

• Advanced parking reservations

• Tenant parking administration

• Self-serve contract parking

• Pre-purchase digital pass

• Digital visitor parking pass

• Co-marketing activity

• Cross-selling & up-selling

• Omnichannel sales

• Partner network distribution

• Retail spend validation

• Customer pool segmentation

• Dynamic pricing

• Multi-language support

• PCI-DSS & GDPR compliance

• High availability SLA

• Cloud interoperability

Administration console

ParkOne Mobile allows landlords and operators to set up and manage their estate, staff users, distributors, parking products and add-ons. Authorised distributors can log on to ParkOne Mobile to set up and manage staff users and members 24/7.

Customer service portal

Landlords, operators and authorised distributors can use ParkOne Mobile’s portal to transact for and support customers and members. ParkOne Mobile gives realtime view of all customer and member activity across all channels and allows customer care staff to complete any action available to customers and members on ParkOne Mobile’s customer application.

Paying for parking is easier, safer and faster with ParkOne Mobile.

Contact us to help you meet the growing demand for mobile payments.