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Parking Sensors

U-Spot wireless NB-IoT parking sensor

When it comes to On-Street sensor technology, APARC’s U-Spot NB-IoT sensor from Urbiotica is definitely the market leader. In an Australian first, the U-Spot Sensor is changing the way we connect, and communicates directly to the cloud without the need of repeaters/smart spots.

Suitable for all outdoor parking areas

Detects vehicles every 3 seconds by measuring the Earth’s magnetic field

Uses eSIM technology to communicate – no need for repeaters or gateways

Fast and easy to install – minimal civil work and no maintenance


detection accuracy


seconds between vehicle detection


weather resistant


years battery life

Gain true visibility of parking spaces with U-Spot

Get real-time data on parking utilisation

Monitor occupancy and turnover of vehicles

View historical data to analyse trends

Manages truck and loading zones

Combine with dynamic signs to show available spaces

Reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions by directing drivers to vacant spaces

Identifies clearway and no parking zones to clear congestion

Enhance enforcement compliance

Combine real-time data with kiosks, mobile parking apps, and permits

Direct enforcement officers to overstays

Increase revenue compliance

Gain real ROI

Reduce human resources

Urbiotica: APARC’s sensor technology partner

When it comes to sensor technology, Urbiotica lead the revolution of the Internet of Things applied to smart cities. 20 countries have adopted this leading technology which is designed to manage urban spaces more efficiently in real-time.

Urban mobility is changing. Is your city ready?

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