Parking Kiosks
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Parking Kiosks

Robust, reliable, and highly secure parking kiosks

From busy city centres to historical precincts, the Strada Parking Kiosk has a modern and compact design that integrates into any surroundings.

Strada S5

The latest generation parking kiosk with a friendly touchscreen interface to enhance the user experience.

Strada Evolution

Deployed for more than 15‭ ‬years‭, ‬the Strada Parking Kiosk is extremely adaptable to any configuration‭. ‬

Strada Pal

Fitted with a large colour screen‭, ‬a customisable capacitive keyboard and offers both coin‭, ‬and contactless payment options‭.‬

Parking kiosk features

100% self-sufficient in terms of its power requirements via powerful solar panels

Easy to use clip-in & clip-out internal components

Maximum uptime due to self-monitoring intelligence

Extremely secure and highly resistant to vandalism, with rapid and secure exchanges of coin boxes for collection

Effective management via two-way wireless communications systems

Efficient information gathering through real time reporting

Various payment options: Coin, Credit Card and Contactless Cards

Parking kiosks are 98% recyclable when the time comes to retire them after 10 years

Strada parking kiosks can be configured with the following payment options:

Pay by Plate

Pay & Display

Pay by Bay

The new‭ ‬S5 30W Solar Panel for energy harvesting enhancement

Designed and tested in labs and field test conditions

New four-way‭ rotation, 30W solar panel design

Standard‭: ‬5W‭ + ‬27Ah battery
Advanced Plus‭: ‬30W‭ + ‬27Ah battery
Premium‭: ‬30W‭ + ‬42‭ ‬Ah battery
Premium Plus‭: ‬30W‭ + ‬12Ah‭ + ‬27Ah‭ + ‬42Ah batteries

Advanced air quality data from Flowbird

Through the use of existing parking kiosks, Flowbird’s advanced air quality data provides smart cities with actionable information. Pollution and noise in urban areas are a rising concern to the quality of life and health of citizens. Air quality and wellbeing in these areas are now regarded as crucial factors and represent a major public health issue for local authorities. Flowbird’s pollutant sensor network helps you investigate and respond to local environmental concerns.

Flowbird Permit: Comprehensive management of parking permits

Flowbird Permit is a web based parking solution that simplifies the management of all types of parking permits as well as customisable permit solutions‭.‬ From employee, residential, or visitor parking, through to customised permit solutions.

Available in six colours to suit your environment

Urban mobility is changing. Is your city ready?

Contact us to help you meet the growing demand for convenient and contactless payments.