Increase your revenue and improve the customer experience with our enforcement system. From real-time detection of traffic, through to guidance on unpaid violations, overstays and more when you use our parking solution.

Parkone overview

A high-tech innovation which provides you with a complete parking solution.

PARKONE (a subsidiary of APARC) can offer you a smart parking system that will:

  • Accurately sense vehicle occupancy in real time
  • Guide residents and visitors to available parking
  • Simplify the parking experience
  • Add value for parking stakeholders, such as drivers and merchants
  • Enable intelligent decisions using data, including real–time status applications and historical analytics reports
  • Provide tools to optimise workforce management

Smart eye – Onstreet sensor “Working smarter …not harder”

Imagine being able to find available parking spaces via technology?

Or perhaps having on duty parking enforcement officers with the real time occupancy status of parking bays.

With SMART EYE you can. SMART EYE is an efficient and cost effective way to find available parking spaces via the use of infrared technology. And combined with SMART REP, you have unsurpassed information and analysis about your parking system.
Enforcement ranger

SMART REP – “Manage your data, increase your productivity”

Gain real time visibility of parking behaviour and compliance with Smart Reporting.

Plus, it integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure so you can enhance your planning process.

APARC Smart Rep


Make parking a cinch with our iphone and Android friendly APP that helps drivers find available spaces, informs them of any applicable hours and tariffs, and enables them to pay by credit card.

Our mobile parking APP provides you with:

  • Real-time management apps and historical analytics
  • Guided Enforcement – A real-time map-based application for mobile devices that displays current violations, records officer actions, and violation types
  • Client Services Team – our expert provides you with the reports and data analysis you need for enforcement purposes

Infringement module

Following infringement data capture (either via manual or mobile computer ticket issue), the data needs to be stored and managed.

The Infringement Processing module takes you from the point of infringement issue through to ticket closure.

While the flow of each ticket through this cycle differs, at the centre of it all is financial tracking and reconciliation that provides fully audited historical data tracking for every ticket processed.

Full management reporting, as well as processing of all incoming & outgoing correspondence in included.

Our software is adaptable and can be used for any type of Infringement data capture.

Whilst some examples are provided below, the system is not limited to these only:

On Street

  • No Parking
  • No Stopping
  • No payment
  • Payment time expired


  • No valid ticket
  • No permit displayed
  • Overstay
  • Graffiti
  • Littering
  • Abandoned vehicles

Permit module

The Permit module can either be operated as a stand-alone or fully integrated module based on your needs.

Enforcement mobile torch

When used with a handheld it provides the capability of recording information on permits that have been issued to vehicles.

Enforcement car informationWhen used with the Mobile Data Solution, the system allows real­ time checking of licence and permit information by the enforcement officer and, if necessary, subsequent issue of ticket on the same mobile terminal.

Enforcement laptopWhen used with an ANPR Camera Interface, the system allows real­ time validation of authorised vehicles for any location monitored by remote cameras. This includes restriction of entry where barriers are in place or used for a more general camera enforcement activity for non-­barrier controlled areas. Virtual permit or printed permit checking (by REGO or permit reference)

Enforcement iPadWhen used with the On­line Permit Application module, the system allows external system users to make applications for different types of permits. The data is stored (in real time) in the back office system allowing immediate processing of the application data through user-­configurable workflow queues.

Permit Modules Diagram

Data capture & ANPR

The Mobile application is feature-filled, making it the ideal addition to your parking management solution.

Feature filled to provide you with the optimal data capture solution:

  • Secure Login
  • Vehicle Observations (including valve position data capture for intelligent enforcement of waiting time / no return periods)
  • Warning notice data capture
  • Ticket data capture (including images and retrospective notes)
  • Fully user-­configurable ticket template layouts for each type of infringement
  • User Messaging interface
  • Real time data synchronisation capability with back office system (requires wi-­fi or GPRS connectivity)
  • Virtual permit or printed permit checking (by REGO or permit reference)
  • Automatic date and time synchronisation with central server
  • Multi­site capability
  • Break / Shift tracking
  • Persistent evader notifications and look­up
  • Cashless parking interface
  • Web service data exchange capabilities
  • Windows CE 4.2 / Mobile 5 / Mobile 6 / Mobile 7 compatible ­the choice of hardware is yours
  • Real time image uploading from mobile handheld

Detailed reporting

The standard reports are available provide you with the financial and statistical data you need for effective management .

Income Report

The income report provides reporting by date range with optional filters for permit type, infringement type, stage and location, with grouping options of date, month and year. Information provided on the report relates to permits or Fines issued, costs added, overpaid permit/tickets, permit/tickets paid in full, permit/tickets paid within a discount period, part paid , costs paid, refunds, written off amounts and cancellations with a total balance for each group.

Statistical report

The statistical report allows the same criteria to be defined as the income report but reports non­financial data. Report information includes the number of permits/tickets issued, number observed, number that have paid in full, number paid within discount, number partially paid, number written off along with refunds issued and number cancelled. In particular, this allows the performance of an officer to be monitored / benchmarked.

Detail report

The detail report provides reporting on all information relating to a permit. The status report displays all stages within the system and the number of permits at each stage.

Status Report

The status report displays all stages within the system and the number of permits at each stage along with a percentage and total outstanding balance. A date range can be specified to filter the data as required.

Add-on modules

The detail reports provide reporting on all permit-related information.

Module – Credit CardCredit Card

Credit Card authorisation provides real time authorisation of payment by cards for tickets or permits.

Module – Address LookupAddress Lookup

Provides real time look up of address data by entry of key information such as postcode.

Module – Address ValidationAddress Validation

Allows real time validation of address information provided at the time of permit application.

Module – Vehicle DataVehicle owner data import

Allows automated importing of name details from a third party source (eg RTASDRO).

Module – Document ValidationDocumentation validation

Allows automated checking of authorised documentation (e.g. Driving Licence).

Module – ANPRANPR data interface

Allows automated importing of data and images captured by ANPR cameras.