Revenue Control

APARC provides you with the full suite of revenue control services. Plus, we’ve partnered with SimplePay Solutions Group to deliver market leading payment technology and broad card acceptance to our Australian customers, SimplePay Solutions Group is Tier 1 PCI DSS Compliant Payment Service Provider and supports Parkeon in 4 continents.

Electronic payments platform

SimplePay: APARC's electronic payment processing partner

SimplePay: APARC’s Electronic Payments Platform Partner accepts transactions (financial or other such as loyalty) from:

  • fixed (such as unattended and payment terminals) or mobile payment devices
  • IVR systems
  • customer applications such as point of sale and front office systems
  • back office systems
  • job dispatch systems.

SimplePay links the transaction record with the service description, ensuring the business has easy central access to this information centrally 24×7 online.

The SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform offers a range of payment and transactional services including:

  • electronic bill payments (web and IVR, recurring)
  • online shopping cart integration
  • virtual terminal services
  • batch processing
  • payment terminations and mobile payments

It also provides the technical link between customer centric services and host systems.

The SimplePay Electronic Payments platform complies with international banking and payment industry security standards, including PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) with payment information stored securely within it’s Customer Information Vault.

Front and back office

SimplePay's Electronic Payments Platform: the complete EFTPOS solution for unattended, front counter and back office environments.

Avoid the costs associated with traditional bank terminals when you use the SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform Virtual Terminal.

By connecting directly into your existing IP network, SimplePay provides a cost saving as well as fast transaction processing speeds when compared to traditional dial-up EFTPOS solutions.

Perfect for call centres and back office environments as it allows multiple operators to process transactions via their computer.

More cost effective than hardware based terminals, it also allows the freedom and flexibility for clients to choose their preferred bank.

Plus it provides complete transaction settlement, reporting and reconciliation.

All transaction data is encrypted and stored within the SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform; transaction reports are available for up to 12 months, and advanced options enable the merchant to customise reports to meet their individual needs.

Payment Options

Unattended payments

SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform: providing you with a complete Unattended Payments solution.

By integrating directly into the supplied Parkeon Parking Meters, the SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform will provide customers full PCI and EMV compliance credit card processing solutions. Customer devices can accept EMV (Chip) or Contactless (Paywave & PayPass) transactions in a secure unattended environment.

All transaction data is encrypted within the SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform; transaction reports are available for up to 12 months, and advanced options enable the merchant to customise reports to meet their individual needs.

Payment Options 2

PCI compliance solutions

SimplePay's Electronic Payments Platform Customer Information Vault: a secure method to store cc card and direct debit information.

Ideal for subscription based businesses or those with returning clientele, where  customer card and/or direct debit details have been stored for repeat use.

Once a client’s details have been entered into the SimplePay vault, SimplePay will generate a Token.  This Token can be stored by the merchant and used to trigger later payments – effectively eliminating the PCI compliance risk from the customer systems and premises. The SimplePay vault can be customised to store other information that the merchant requires linked to the transaction, such as a tracking cardholder purchases and subscription details. All information can then be viewed using the powerful reporting tools.

Payment Options

Online payments

SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform: offering numerous online payment acceptance options including merchant hosted and Online Direct.

Merchant Hosted Payments

Merchant Hosted Payment Solutions are a series of secure products designed to be integrated into a merchant business to allow real-time credit card processing for goods or services.

These solutions are easy to setup, use and integrate into websites, kiosks, vending machines and applications to provide maximum flexibility for businesses.

All the Merchant Hosted products are platform independent, and SimplePay can supply sample integration code at your request.

Hosted Web Payments

Hosted Web Payments provides a secure way to accept payments for goods or services sold via your website.

Easy to setup and use, a payment page branded with your company logo and web site look and feel is hosted by SimplePay on its secure system. This means your business does not need to store or collect customer credit card numbers on site, thus improving security and reducing your risk and security compliance costs.

When customers wish to pay, they are directed from your web site to your tailored payment page where their card details are collected along with any other information such as membership details or customer number.

The payment is processed in real time securely by the SimplePay system with an electronic receipt issued on the spot to the customer. The customer is redirected back to your main web site upon completion.

Payment Options


Billing solutions

SimplePay Electronic Payments Platform: providing billing solutions such as recurring payments, direct debits and batch payments.

Recurring Payments

Ideal for memberships or periodic payments of set amounts, SimplePay Recurring Billing automatically charges customers at the nominated frequency to ensure payments are processed without delay.

SimplePay Recurring Billing enables clients to store their customers’ credit and debit card details in a secure, encrypted database, and initiate a payment at a scheduled time or on an ad-hoc basis.

The web interface provides an easy method of configuring cardholder details, including the card number, expiry date and payment frequency.

Direct Debit

Ideal for businesses who have repeat or recurring customers, with payment schedules automatically processed by SimplePay.

Once your customers have completed their direct debit form, you can charge them on demand without the need for additional paperwork. The SimplePay Direct Debit solution offers you the security and reliability of our billing management system at a very competitive price.

This is a self-managed Direct Debit service where you take greater control and flexibility in managing your customers’ payments.

Batch Processing

Ideal for businesses processing large volumes of recurring credit card payments.

No need for any expensive integration of your website or application, merely login to the SimplePay Merchant Management portal and upload your processing batch file.

The SimplePay Batch Payments solution allows you to process all your business transactions through a single file, rather than processing each transaction individually.

Payment Options