Fast and detailed reporting. Visibility of your entire parking management system. Personalised dashboard. Integration with allied parking technologies. Easy-to-use. Smartfolio empowers you to build the parking system that works best for you.

Smartfolio Standard

Smartfolio: a web-based parking management system giving you visibility, functionality and efficiency

Work faster and more efficiently with Smartfolio. A web-based back office parking management system that gives you the visibility you need to manage your entire parking operation easily and effectively.

Smartfolio provides the fast reporting your management team wants and the level of detail your financial, maintenance, collection, and enforcement teams need.

Plus, Smartfolio is an open source system that allows for the integration of allied parking technologies, enabling you to create the parking system that works best for you.

Use Smartfolio for reporting and monitoring of your Flowbird system and integrate other technologies such as:

  • Off street parking systems
  • Mobile phone payment
  • Vehicle and overstay detection
  • Infringement management
  • Licence plate recognition and more!


Parkeon Location Map

Smartfolio Dashboard and Powerful Reporting

Get a quick snapshot of your parking system with your personalised dashboard

Smartfolio’s dashboard tool enables you to get a quick snapshot of your parking system without wading through lines of data.

Our dashboard tool allows you to view the reports that matter to you most. These reports, called Parkjets, appear on your dashboard every time you open Smartfolio so you don’t have to “run” a report or export into another program, they are automatically on your screen.

Ideal for management staff who want a high-level view of transaction activity, machines in need of maintenance attention, your most recent collection data and much more.

myParkfolio standard display

This display provides the ability to view, print & export data to Excel (csv or comma delimited). The parameters used for the Standard List reports are dependent upon the data presented on the ‘Expert’ workspaces.

Each transaction is monitored in detail including the coin denomination. This feature is an Australian first.

myParkfolio Dashboards

Smartfolio Analyst and Maps

Enhance your planning and management with mappable parking data

Discover what areas of your parking system are the most lucrative and much more with mapped machine data.

Smartfolio’s Google mapping tool enables you to map your machine data at high level or detailed analysis.

Staff scheduling and planning, the addition of new kiosks, changes in parking policies, occupancy analysis and more can all be managed more effectively with this unique Smartfolio feature.

Smartfolio Maps

This option provides the ability to display data in a cartographic format for each of the ‘Expert’ workspaces. The information in these cartographic reports are colour & size coded.

Smartfolio Analyst

Display data aggregated on one dimension on a table & a graphic for each of the ‘Expert’ workspaces.

Allows for easy selection of data within a specific date range determined by the user which can be exported and used for various uses such as reconciliation.